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 Verena Prenner My Favoriten Verena Andrea Prenner

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Vienna 2020/21 

After returning from the Middle East and later from Central Africa, I realized that it was challenging for me to assimilate into the district where I had lived for a while.  It was a trendy and charming place in the heart of Vienna that attracted many with its hip atmosphere.

In light of these experiences, I decided to move to Vienna Favoriten, a former working-class district that has grown into a vibrant immigrant neighborhood over the past five decades. Currently, more than half of the population consists of immigrants, predominantly from Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world. As a result, the surroundings are characterized by a multifaceted cultural diversity that undergoes constant change.
Due to its proximity to the city center, the district is currently undergoing another transformation that unmistakably reveals the phenomenon of gentrification.
However, even amidst these changes, the essence of Vienna Favoriten still remains intact.  It exudes a sense of openness and  provides a space for diverse life stories to unfold.

 Verena Prenner My Favoriten Verena Andrea Prenner
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