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 Verena Prenner My Favoriten Verena Andrea Prenner

Series of 10 images

Vienna 2020/21 

After coming back from the Near East and later Central Africa I felt quite bored and probably also a little lost in the district where I used to live, a beautiful, clean area in the center of Vienna and a stronghold of Hipsters and Bobos.


So, I decided to move to Wien Favoriten, Viennas 10th district. It used to be a working-class district but turned into an immigration district over the past 50 years. Nowadays more than half of the population are immigrants mainly from Turkey, and the Near East, but also from Africa and Asia. Due to the proximity to the city center, the phenomenon of gentrification can be observed more and more.

 Verena Prenner My Favoriten Verena Andrea Prenner
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