love, a title of peace

Dheisheh Refugee Camp  I   2018


This is a story of a Palestinian woman and an Israeli man.

The woman, having divorced her first husband, lives today with her children in a Palestinian refugee camp in the Westbank. Because of shortage of money and as the earnings in Israel are far better than in the Westbank, she took a job as a housemaid in Israel.


There, she met an Israeli who fell in love with her. He asked to marry her, she denied, as Muslim women are not allowed to marry men of other religions. The man decided to convert to Islam and she agreed to the marriage. He moved to her house, causing gossip and skepticism in the camp.
The refugees suspect the marriage to be a perfect camouflage for an Israeli espionage. Ironically, she could only marry a Jewish man as no Muslim would have married her since a divorced woman is considered inferior.

The couple brought to the world three children, but the kids have neither an Israeli passport nor a Palestinian ID, causing many bureaucratic obstacles like no official school to attend. 

They don´t exist on paper.

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