With or without you

March 2020. I was in the Republic of the Congo, working on a photography project when a friend called to say be aware you might need to leave soon otherwise there probably won’t be any flights from and to Europe anymore. I thought he was joking and hung up. COVID was far away at that time, only a few known cases in the Subsaharan region.

Few days later I rebooked my flight and in the end of the month I sadly had to notice that he was right.


Suddenly back home I found myself in my atelier in the Austrian countryside. As COVID was omnipresent anyway I did not want to deal with it, neither in a photographic nor artistic way. So I kept working on the photographic film material I shot in the Republic of the Congo. 


Time passed and weeks later I started to tidy and order my atelier. During that I rediscovered the book of one of my favorite artists, Oscar Schlemmer.

2020, 101 years after the beginning of the Bauhaus movement I suddenly asked myself what happened in the last 100 years and what did the world become today?

Inspired by the characters of Schlemmer's „Triadischen Ballett“ I started to cut paper and made negative patterns for the photograms which I exposed in my darkroom. 

Copyright of all images Verena Prenner 2020