Credits: Adriano Ferreira Borges

Verena Andrea Prenner is a sociologist and photographer born and raised in Austria.

 For her artistic work she undertakes long-lasting sociological field researches and deals with different fringe groups, as edges are known to define the middle. In her - still analog photographic work - she works with non-professionals volunteers or casual passers-by to express individual reflections or views of societies in the form of stage settings.

Currently she is working and living in Austria and the Republic of the Congo.


Resting bitch face (G) - Galerie Reinthaler, Vienna, Austria I  Camping (S)  - Next Comic Festival, Linz / Donau, Austria  I  Europe Now (S) - galeriekrems, Krems / Donau, Austria  Cointained / Murs et Frontières (G) - L' Ancien Musée de Peinture, Grenoble, France  I  Somewhere in the world - Lower Austrian - African Encounters (G) - Forum Frohner, Krems / Donau, Austria  I  Heterotopia (G) - Galerie Reinthaler, Vienna, Austria  I  Eating pineapples on the moon (G) Month of Photography Riga, Estonia  Blind Snake (S) Month of Photography Belgrade, Serbia I  Camping / Aa Collection (F)- ART VIENNA, International Art Fair, Hofburg, Vienna, Austria  I Bodies and Inhabitants (G) - Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna, Austria  I  Europe Now / Austrian Days (G) - DNI AUSTRII, Gdansk, Poland  I  Contained (S) - OBSCURA Festival of Photography, Georg Town, Malaysia  I  I need space (G) - Aa Collection, Vienna, Austria  I  Reclaiming our Cultural Future (G) - Wolverhampton Archive Centre, UK  I  Reclaiming our Cultural Future (G) - Black Country Living Museum, Dudley, UK  I  365 (G)- Dessous, Vienna, Austria  I  It is behind our borders (S)- Vitrine, Galerie Reinthaler, Vienna, Austria  I   Zeitgeist (G) - Ffotogallery, Cardiff, Wales  I  Europe Now (F) - NORDART 2017,  Büddlesdorf, Germany  I  Zeitgeist (G) - Diffusion Photo Festival, Cardiff, Wales  I  Reclaiming our Cultural Landscapes (G) - Birmingham Art Museum, Birmingham, UK  I  Reclaiming our Cultural Landscapes (G) Wolverhampton Art Gallery, WH, UK  I   Mass Tourism (G) - Galerija Decumanus, Krk, Croatia  I  Iconic Noise (G) - MASC Foundation, Vienna, Austria  I  The measure of all things: Rethinking humanism through Art (G) University of Buffalo, New York, USA  I   Happiness, a place under the sun (G) Encontros da Imagem Photo Festival, Braga, Portugal  I  Habitus (G) - Ein Areal Gallery, Wuppertal, Germany  I  Contained  (S) - Chennai Photobiennale, Chennai, India  I  Contained - Delhi Photo Festival, New Delhi, India  I  Dump your Superhereos (G) - Medienkulturhaus, Wels, Austria  I  Anthropomorph (S) - Бартcелона Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia  I  Travelers (G) - Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece  I  The hairy woman (S) - Grand Petit Galerie, Linz,  Austria 

(S) Solo I  (G)  Group. I  (F) Artfair  

Various projects, workstays and exhibitions were kindly founded by:

The Austrian Federal Chancellery  I  The Austrian Cultural Forum in Paris, France  I  The Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade, Serbia  I  The Government of Lower Austria  I  The Government of Upper Austria  I  The City of Linz  as well as by private collectors.  Thank you.

Copyright of all images Verena Prenner 2020