Credits: Adriano Ferreira Borges

Verena Andrea Prenner is a sociologist and photographer born and raised in Austria.

 For her artistic work she undertakes long-lasting sociological field researches and deals with different fringe groups, as edges are known to define the middle. In her - still analog photographic work - she works with non-professionals volunteers or casual passers-by to express individual reflections or views of societies in the form of stage settings.

Currently she is working and living in Austria and the Republic of the Congo.


Camping - Next Comic Festival, Linz / Donau, Austria  I  Europe Now - galeriekrems, Krems / Donau, Austria  Murs et Frontières - L' Ancien Musée de Peinture, Grenoble, France  I  Somewhere in the world - Lower Austrian - African Encounters - Forum Frohner, Krems / Donau, Austria  I  Heterotopia - Galerie Reinthaler, Vienna, Austria  I  Eating pineapples on the moon Month of Photography Riga, Estonia  Blind Snake Month of Photography Belgrade, Serbia I  Camping / Aa Collection - ART VIENNA, International Art Fair, Hofburg, Vienna, Austria  I Bodies and Inhabitants - Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna, Austria  I  Europe Now - DNI AUSTRII, Gdansk, Poland  I  Contained - OBSCURA Festival of Photography, Georg Town, Malaysia  I  I need space - Aa Collection, Vienna, Austria  I  Reclaiming our Cultural Future  - Wolverhampton Archive Centre, UK  I  Reclaiming our Cultural Future - Black Country Living Museum, Dudley, UK  I  365 - Dessous, Vienna, Austria  I  It is behind our borders - Vitrine, Galerie Reinthaler, Vienna, Austria  I   Zeitgeist - Ffotogallery, Cardiff, Wales  I  Europe Now - NORDART 2017,  Büddlesdorf, Germany  I  Zeitgeist - Diffusion Photo Festival, Cardiff, Wales  I  Reclaiming our Cultural Landscapes - Birmingham Art Museum, Birmingham, UK  I  Reclaiming our Cultural Landscapes Wolverhampton Art Gallery, WH, UK  I   

Mass Tourism - Galerija Decumanus, Krk, Croatia  I  Iconic Noise - MASC Foundation, Vienna, Austria  I  The measure of all things: Rethinking humanism through Art. University of Buffalo, New York, USA  I   Happiness, a place under the sun Encontros da Imagem Photo Festival, Braga, Portugal  I  Habitus - Ein Areal Gallery, Wuppertal, Germany  I  Contained - Chennai Photobiennale, Chennai, India  I  Contained - Delhi Photo Festival, New Delhi, India  I  Dump your Superhereos - Medienkulturhaus, Wels, Austria  I  Anthropomorph - Бартcелона Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia  I  Travelers - Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece  I  The hairy woman - Grand Petit Galerie, Linz,  Austria 

Various projects, workstays and exhibitions were kindly founded by:

The Austrian Federal Chancellery  I  The Austrian Cultural Forum in Paris, France  I  The Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade, Serbia  I  The Government of Lower Austria  I  The Government of Upper Austria  I  The City of Linz  as well as by private collectors.  Thank you.

Copyright of all images Verena Prenner 2019